Fundraising is like cooking…

Happy New Year!

While prepping a small feast to say hello to the new year, I thought about how similar fundraising is to cooking. And if you, like me, really enjoy both, you may savor this post. I’ll include the evening’s recipes at the end!

Planning – For fundraising or cooking, a well-considered plan always provides the best result. But sometimes as a fundraiser – and cook – you need to be nimble and whip something up at the moment. Knowing the basics and your donors (or guests) means you are able work thoughtfully with a plan yet take advantage of opportunities as they arise. (Gail Perry makes some suggestions.)

Travis, Nick, Pat, Luke, Yvonne & Michelle.The audience – How many donors – or diners – are you hoping to reach? A big family reunion at a park or an intimate dinner party at home? A smart fundraiser understands the importance of keeping costs reasonable. Big reach (e.g., direct response) should be lower-cost but no less tantalizing… crowd-pleasing for a variety of palates. A small dinner party (e.g., major donor work) with multiple courses is more labor intensive and may cost more per person but results in a better return in the end – stronger relationships, greater gifts. Both a fundraiser and a chef know how to balance the cost-effectiveness for the differing groups.  (Kivi Leroux Miller on defining your audience.)

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