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The other days a friend messaged me: “You are remarkably good at ‘gratitude.'”

I felt humbled. Maybe I am good at gratitude.

Or maybe I’m just better at taking the time to tell people, “I appreciate who you are, I appreciate what you have done, I appreciate how you have touched me.”

I believe lots of people are thankful and grateful… But sometimes it’s easier to natter on about the challenges, the things that go sideways, the things that you want to change rather than taking a moment to be thank-ful.

I prefer to tell the person face to face over a coffee or lunch or a drink after work.

But usually it is more timely (and easier if they don’t live in Vancouver or Seattle) to grab a card and start writing. He or she may be someone who has been a thoughtful friend or a person who has inspired or touched me.

Be-The-Change-GandhiWriting letters and notes has been a big part of my life… perhaps since passing notes in class, or when I lived in England after high school and wrote letters every day to a States-side boyfriend. Birthday and anniversary cards are “must” remembrances on my mother’s side of the family. And love notes via post to my husband and daughter are common. (When my daughter, Lorraine, was younger and away with her father, I would send notes in packages decorated with fanciful drawings of animals.)

Most people I know are delighted to get something in the mail – something that is not a bill or flyer or junk mail.

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