About Me


I’m a donor-obsessed fundraiser. I believe that as fundraisers, our joy lies in connecting donors to their dreams of a better world.

I write about making connections – I believe that relationships are the basis of so much in our lives… our communities where we live and work, Photo by Mel Curtis Photographsthe gifts we offer to create a better world.

I currently work as Director of Advancement at Simon Fraser University. I think education is the closest thing to leveling the playing field in society, and I believe higher education (college in the US and university in Canada!) should be affordable and within reach for those who want to achieve a degree.

I enjoy working with other fundraisers to develop better strategies, new connections and improve the way we communicate with our donors – especially thanking our donors. In fact, Shanon Doolittle (my Seattle gal pal and fundraising smarty) and I periodically host Gratitude Camp. (What is Gratitude Camp like?)

I also believe we can create a stronger fundraising profession. After talking with my fantastic fundraising colleague in Vancouver about what needs to improve and change in the nonprofit space, Rory Green and I talked about disrupting the status quo. So we started Ms.Rupt, a bi-monthly meeting of fundraising women bringing together diverse fundraising voices, experiences and opinions with the goal of promoting more flexible thinking, inclusion and diversity in our profession. We meet in the Vancouver area, but if you would like an invitation or learn how to start the movement in your town, email us at Ms.Rupt@gmail.com.

In my work with charities and for nonprofits over the last 20 years, I’ve learned that creating and strengthening relationships with people is the best path to sustainable fundraising. I believe that people seek connections and seek to make their world a better place – for themselves and their family, their neighbors and community, their region and around the globe.

I enjoy speaking to other fundraisers, collaborating, speaking and occasionally consulting. If you want to connect, drop me a line and let’s talk. I’d love to hear about how you are creating a better world.

Beth Ann LockePhoto by Mel Curtis Photographs

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