Gear up for Gratitude Camp!

Ready for some adventure?!

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If you’ve been a long-time follower on my blog, you know that once or twice a year my BFF and I host Gratitude Camp. I hope you’ll join us April 4!

It sounds like a bunch of fun – and it is! – but more importantly it is about focusing on donors, and showing them the #donorlove.

Here are the facts, according to the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Project:

  • Donor retention in North America in 2015 was still rather bleak – 46%.
  • For every $100 raised in 2015, $91 was lost through gift attrition.
  • For every 100 donors gained in 2015, 96 were lost through attrition.
  • We know that a simple 10% increase in retention can lead to a 200% increase in lifetime donor value.

When we look at the 2016 What Canadian Donors Want survey, we learn 38% of people said they would be very much or somewhat less likely to give to a charity again  if they did not receive thanks.

Fundraisers! This is not good news. But help can be found at Gratitude Camp!

Our three-times-per-week videos (6 over two weeks), our coaching calls and our “homework” help build your gratitude muscle. We’ve got tons of tips and strategies for getting more thanks, appreciation and gratitude it into your fundraising practice.

This isn’t just about better thank you letters – although we can take those from ho-hum to awe-some! We have ideas for better engaging supporters in your mission, how to scale better thanks and reporting back.

Appreciating donors and thanking them well is super important to me – and if it is to you and you want to do better at your nonprofit, I hope you’ll be around the Gratitude Camp campfire on April 4!

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