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Welcome guest blogger, Rebecca Farrell, reporting from Ontario!

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Let’s Create a #DonorLoveRevolution

Let me guess, you read #DonorLoveRevolution and wondered, “What is that? I want in!” So you continued reading! Great!

Now that I have you here, I have to tell you, that hashtag was made up by none other than Jen Langdon.

Not sure who Jen Langdon is? Well, you’re missing out. Not only is she the Resource Development Officer at United Way of Cambridge, she’s also a Humber Fundraising Management Grad, a Donor Lover, and a Lucky Duck (I swear every time I see her, she wins something).

Plus! She is one of the super cool, amazingly kind, and donor centered fundraisers coming to the #DonorLove Rendezvous in Toronto in May 2016.

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