New Path

I’m so excited to be looking ahead to my new job – I start June 29 at Simon Fraser University! I live in Vancouver, and Simon Fraser University (SFU) is located just outside the city limits, on Burnaby Mountain.

I’m so very excited to join the team there! I’ll be heading up the fundraising efforts at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.  I’m excited to dive in and meet the faculty, the students and the other staff members – so many great departments. Can you guess which departments might be my favourite?

And I’ve got to give a shout out to Rory Green. She gave me a heads up the SFU was hiring and what a fantastic team they have.

I’m starting to think about my first 100 days and came across this article – which I think is a perfect read for fundraisers who may be starting a new job. My First 90 Days: Why You Should Have 30 Coffee Meetings. And if you are a new fundraiser, this is a great way to practice your relationship building skills.

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