Advice from NYT Corner Office – Seth Besmertnik

On Sundays I enjoy reading the New York Times and never miss Corner Office. His advice on qualities in people Conductor prefers to hire is spot on for fundraisers and qualities we should possess.

1. A sense of self-awareness. People “who are very in touch with what they are doing right and what they could be doing better.” As a practice, you should always be striving to better you engagement strategies and to reach more diverse audiences. Twitter can help you find lots of smarties and communities of fundraisers who are endeavoring to work better.

2. “You need to be committed to your own self improvement.” Do you have a mentor? Blogs you are following? Have you picked up the phone and spoken with a respected colleague? Or sent an email? Most in our profession are willing to help.

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Service – Good, Bad, Hero

HeroinGoldI woke up today to two emails that got me thinking about how we, as fundraisers, work with donors and prospects.

The first was from Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan, Human Business Works). He puts out a Sunday Newsletter. I enjoy reflecting on this ideas as they all begin with relationships, which I know are the at the root of every interaction.

Chris started with the model of servant leadership and then moved to outline his concept of “service craftsmanship.”

“Everything works better if you consider yourself to be operating in service of others. If your buyer believes that he or she actually matters, then he or she will likely respond with loyalty. If you have an issue, but have acted with service in mind, a resolution will work better. If your service mindset is end-to-end, people will know how to work to resolve their challenges faster. People will complain less, overall, if service is your goal.”

The rewards of service craftsmanship are crucial when translated from “buyers” to donors and prospects. Loyalty will increase giving (current and future), boost advocacy, and amplify championing your charity’s impact in your community.

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