What Donors Want

I had to share this terrific post from Agents of Good (@AgentsofGood), fundraising consultants near Toronto, Ontario. They are smart and always keep the focus on the donors.

Check out what John (@JohnLepp) says very succinctly in his post Your Donors.

If you’re on Twitter, these are two great handles to follow.

Better Donor Connection through Mobile Content & Strategy

Since it is all about creating better donor relationships for me, I’m excited about being part of the Atlantic Business Technologies contest that you’re reading about on twitter.

If your social media strategy is strong, why not take it to the next level by bolstering your mobile strategy?

Tonia Zampieri (aka @iheartcharity) and Atlantic Business Technologies are offering $25,000 in free consulting to work with your nonprofit – and make it easier for your charity to connect with donors on the go.

The $25,000 grant could be used for your nonprofit’s mobile strategy, mobile marketing, mobile tech services or a combo. Think about taking your mobile advocacy out to your donors. Or fundraising at their fingertips. Perhaps your charity delivers information such as health education or learning on mobile devices. Or bringing together volunteers.

Why not check it out and throw your hat in the ring? For more info on the contest, click here.

You can follow the hashtag #ABTGivesBack, or see what @joewaters @fundraisinisfun @ericamills @geoffliving @franswaa and @iheartcharity are saying. Take your first step here by entering the contest! Contest ends May 18.

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