What The Doctor Ordered

Some people cross your life and teach you things that serve you for a very long time.

Dr. Jo Jackson, me and the delivery nurse just after the birth of my daughter.

I adore my family physician, Jo Jackson, MD. I’ve known her for a long time (since I worked in the Family Practice Residency at Swedish Medical Center during college) and she delivered my daughter. She’s intelligent, caring and offers amazing advice, health-related and otherwise. It’s a relationship I cherish.

I had an appointment with her recently; she was working with a 4th year medical resident. (The awesome Dr. Jackson also teaches residents and medical students and I don’t mind being part of a teaching moment if the appointment warrants.) As Adam The Resident was attending to me, Dr. Jackson updated my charts and I asked for her advice on staying upbeat during stressful times. “The best piece of advice I ever got was to do something new every day,” she counseled. “OK,” I replied. “But that may be pretty hard. I mean every day?”

“New experiences are good for you in so many ways,” she said, and then recounted a story.

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The Thank You Economy – Book Review

I just finished re-reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s excellent book, “The Thank You Economy.”

This book is perfect reading for the fundraising professional. Gary nails why on page one of chapter one: “In fact, no relationships should be taken for granted. They are what life is about, the whole point.”

Gary’s book geared to people interested improving their business and how social media can improve their business relationships, but nearly every page touches on the importance of relationships and how they were, are and will be the most important connections we have. He talks about how what he terms “The Thank You Economy” strengthens relationships of all types.

I grabbed the book as I walked out the door on my way to Nashville. I was thinking about the principles he discusses in the wake of the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. Also, I believe that appreciation is the root of sustaining donor support over a lifetime and there are so many principles we forget in the rush of going about our work. The book is the perfect size to digest in a cross-country flight.

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